Pulling together a business transformation engine with BCIC

by | Apr 2, 2024 | News

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The task

BCIC wanted to integrate new technology to support transformational growth, giving them the capacity to create products and services, manage global expansion and become the number one supplier in their marketplace. They had full support from the Board, fully costed plans and a delivery team in place.

They brought us in to give fresh impetus to the project, move forward and make their business goals a reality.

The action

We kicked off by nailing down their business strategy. We then secured the necessary funding from the Board and kept them fully engaged in the process with regular updates via a newly created transformation sub-committee. The next step was to create a roadmap covering technology, organisational design and business.

After that, we ran a cost analysis assessment of all enabling technologies, identifying the required budgets across the project.   Once this was done, we recruited and built a team to deliver the programme, putting in place the necessary governance structure for delivery and decision-making.

Other elements of our work included procurement document creation, assessing viable vendors who would be a good ‘partnership match’ and advice and guidance to senior management.

The outcomes

Full Business case and investment strategy

Define a programme plan identifying an MVP plan to launch in a market with lower risk

Selection of suitable vendors and partners to underpin the transformation

Embed a governance framework for the internal BCIC team to work towards

Deliver a set of BA processes and tools to ensure best practice and traceability through the programme.

At the Siena Partnership, we work with our clients to recruit digital transformation teams and help their organisations achieve innovative, digital transformation success.

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