Our story.

The Siena Partnership story started in 2020, when its founders acted on a conviction that their combined expertise in search and management consulting could deliver better results for clients and candidates.

Our founders’ ambition and drive to make their mark defines our culture and success, and has seen Siena rapidly emerge as an unashamed challenger to more established operators.


“Siena consistently offer us an unrivalled network of experts to tap into.

They conduct their business in a highly professional manner.”

Portfolio Talent Director

Mid-market Private Equity firm


To be recognised for providing best value for clients and great opportunities for candidates.


To deliver outstanding service for our clients and people by putting them at the heart of everything we do. 


To help organisations grow, change and transform by connecting them with the right people and services at the right time.

“My experience in working with Siena has been really refreshing. 

What I really appreciate is the interest they take in what I do.”

Basheer Shahul

Tech Due Diligence & Enterprise Architecture consultant.

Our Values.

Do the right thing.

Trust is one of the most sought after currencies in this business.

We achieve this by acting with empathy, humility, transparency and integrity in all situations.

Make a difference. Together.

Each of us is different. Every one of us makes a difference.

We achieve more for ourselves and create more value for our customers when we act selflessly and collaborate as a team.

Always be innovating.

Innovation is a constant for any open-minded organisation.

We embrace curiosity, challenge and creativity to continually find better ways in which we can deliver future value.

Everyone is a customer.

Clients and candidates are two sides of the same coin.

Everything we do is centred around creating and delivering the best possible client or candidate experience.

Let's Connect.

It all starts with a conversation.

If you want to find out more or explore prospective opportunities discretely, contact one of the team above, email us or complete this form and we’ll get right back to you.