The Siena Partnership - Consulting Services Infographic

Consulting Services.

Focussed on client business strategy, change and transformation and managed services.


Strategy. Focus. Delivery. Transform.

Our mission is to deliver results. We’re passionate about making a difference for our clients by enabling and empowering them to deliver impactful change across their businesses.

Our proposition is driven by our core team which consists of some of the leading consulting talent in the UK, employing its know-how to provide highly tailored and relevant solutions for our clients and drive forward their change initiatives.

And being practitioner-led enables us to use our skills and experience to deliver complex change solutions across multiple industries, earning us the reputation as a team with a proven track record for delivering outcomes and strategies that fundamentally transform organisations.

Rob Saunders

Rob Saunders

Director, Consulting Services

Our Services.

We provide our clients with a range of services and capabilities designed to help them identify and bridge any gaps in their organisations or provide them with external expertise and resources wherever needed.

Our team will help drive positive change through collaboration using tried and tested methodologies. And we’ll deliver it via a range of managed services that provide proven capability, trusted processes and ultimately improve your business and drive success.

The Siena Partnership - Consulting Services Infographic
The Siena Partnership - Consulting Services Infographic

Change Assurance.

Independent reviews and interventions that protect value and optimise delivery.

Value creation places ever increasing demands both on the speed and quality of transformation delivery and on the capability of your organisation to adopt change.

Our Change Assurance service enables you to meet both these challenges by optimising your critical  programmes for success using a team of independent, un-biased programme assurance experts that spotlight areas that need attention. 

This expertise is further enhanced by world class assurance accreditation and access to a wealth of relevant data points and best practices applicable to your specific circumstances.

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