How Digital Transformation Goes Wrong

by | Nov 28, 2023 | News

Why Digital Transformation Goes Wrong The Siena Partnership

Like jumping on any bandwagon, it’s a bumpy ride and many fall off along the way. When it’s done right, digital transformation can bring enormous value to an organisation, but you need to get these five things right before launching any digital change project.

1. Senior leadership support

If the CEO or the CIO don’t sell or support the project to the organisation, your business’s digital transformation could fail to be understood, struggle to be implemented and ultimately fail. As a leader, make sure you are invested in the project, kept abreast of the changes taking place and communicate those changes in a timely manner to the business. You need to champion the project for it to succeed.

2. Goals

It is essential that you align your business strategy, goals and objectives with any digital change project. This ties into the first point in being able to sell a change project. If you can’t explain how the digital transformation will help your business perform better and help staff to reach their goals, then you need to rethink what is actually required.

3. Culture

There are many ways in which a company’s culture creates roadblocks for change. Fear, mistrust and a clear lack of understanding within a company can cause issues in terms of implementation and uptake. Overcome these barriers by creating regular, clear communication pathways so that new information can be understood, ongoing training programmes and company cheerleaders for the project. Identifying key stakeholders and involving them, before the project starts, will make the difference between success and failure.

Another point about culture is that in many large organisations, the idea that you can “fail fast” doesn’t always fly. Failing fast (which comes from Silicon Valley tech start-ups and lean organisation thinking) can be difficult to achieve in teams where people’s day jobs don’t involve much need for innovation. You can make improvements through technology changes instead by a deeper understanding of individual working days. How can you make everyone’s lives easier at work?

4. Technology integration

Introducing technology changes in silos often end in disaster. Think about the integration of the technology you’re implementing, research issues around scale, requirements and future-proofing. Ensure that systems are developed for easy updates, upgrades, bolt-ons and usage.

5. Talent

If you’re struggling to find in-house champions and expertise for your digital transformation project, then bring in some fresh perspective, energy and drive from outside the organisation. Specialist change managers can help your digital transformation dreams become a reality.

At The Siena Partnership, we work with our clients to recruit digital transformation teams and help their organisations achieve innovative, digital transformation success.

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