Delivering long-term, sustainable value for Guardian Media Group (GMG)

by | Nov 7, 2023 | News

Guardian Media Digital Transformation The Siena Partnership

The task

When we began our partnership with The Guardian News and Media, we had to clearly define what they wanted and how we could achieve it to deliver long-term, sustainable value.

The action

During the discovery phase of the project, we gained a deep understanding of the challenges the group faced in the light of industry changes and technological innovations. Working together, we identified GMG’s core objectives: To deliver new revenue streams through new technologies and to enhance operational efficiency within five years.

To achieve these objectives, we started with an 18-month roadmap that aligned all key business goals and focused on keeping GMG on track to drive positive commercial change across the business.

The core deliverables were as follows:

  • Upgrade the current digital and paper subscription model and implement a new online subscription platform
  • Migrate all global subscriptions to the new system
  • Implement a new iteration of Salesforce
  • Create a new e-commerce eco-system for the retail business

The outcome

By the end of the project, we had successfully:

  • Delivered a new technology estate for all Guardian subscriptions
  • Removed all legacy suppliers, technology and out-dated processes
  • Embedded new working practices across the commercial business

The Guardian has reported growth YOY since the launch of Touchpoint, and in July 2022 announced revenues were up by 13% and GMG has recorded its strongest results since 2018.

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